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End User Scenario
Maasvlakte to Ridderkerk

Dierenambulance Dieren4u is a Dutch independent and volunteer organization for animal protection which is found in 2011 by Raymond Sybesma and Sjaak van Dongen. After serval years development, the organization is now growing rapidly and professionally, as they even have professional animal ambulances for the daily animal rescue.

Its reputation is spreading all over the country. For communications among team mates, the central managers of Dierenambulance Dieren4u should contact the animal rescue team without failure and latency, which means the team need professional communication solutions. Telo 4G handset is the choice.

The Challenge

Working area of the Hoogvliet-Rotterdam animal ambulance is from the Maasvlakte to Ridderkerk, handsets with inadequate coverage made animal rescue actions a burden. "We had ordinary port and mobile radios and that usually worked well. But as soon as we came out of the area, we can’t talk to each other! When a tank ship of 220 tons of fuel oil leaked at Third Petroleumhaven near Rotterdam at the end of June, the volunteers were particularly busy saving all swans. Our control room was overloaded. We did not have these 4G radios yet.

Because the area was beyond the reach of our radio at the time, all communication with the volunteers went on the spot by phone. We were therefore unreachable,” says one of the team mates. Imperatively, deploying devices with wider coverage and quick response becomes major task of the association. However, they did make a swift reaction to utilized 4G handheld which was sponsored by Selcom B.V., Telo’s distributor in Netherlands.

Telox Solutions

Real time communication is TELOX PoC handheld strives to deliver.

4G networks which is available in TELOX PoC handsets, providing a coverage without limitation, instant and constant communications and responses thus happen. Moreover, proven audio is one of the most important elements of Telo handsets, it makes the conversation clear in case of misheard and misunderstanding.

Besides, dedicated PTT button is integrated on the left side of the device, communication is only a touch of the button. The professional Telo PoC handsets with fully functional dispatching application, dispatchers can guide the nearest animal ambulance to the location. Besides, multimedia make Telo 4G handset more practical, especially accurate GPS location helps the dispatcher to work efficiently with knowing where is the closest ambulance and what is the better route. Combining durable and multifunctional handsets with intelligent dispatch systems is how Telo PoC handsets perform.

The Benefits

TELOX PoC handsets paved the way for the association, it communicates much better and the operator also keeps an overview; with the press of a button, direct voice connection with a group or individual will happen, so that the team response in a tight margin which saves time to rescue lives. This way of communication ensures peace and clarity. Dierenambulance Dieren4u in Hoogvliet-Rotterdam has 4G handsets in use since September, sponsored by Selcom, donated by Firecom which is a partner of Selcom for delivering business critical 4G POC solution in Netherlands.

Raymond Sybesma, the initiator and advocate of Dieren4u commented that: "At the moment three mobile teams of two people each have a handset in the animal ambulance, the other is in the control room or the office. The reactions are positive. It is a great relief to be able to communicate as quickly and easily as possible. The conversations are much clearer and the range is unlimited. That's great, especially when compared to the previous regular radios."