TELOX (formerly as Telo Systems) and local critical communications partner PrioCom provided a satisfying 4G mission critical communication solution to the branch of world leading healthcare products company Bausch Health in the Netherlands.
End User Scenario
The Netherlands
As one of the well-known healthcare products companies, Bausch Health has been playing an important role across the world. And the activity that happened in Bausch Health is located in Province Noord-Holland. To upgrade the safety of its store management to a methodic and comprehensive level and to secure employees’ safety, Bausch Health switched to a more efficient way to communicate with emergency staff by utilize mission critical communication of PrioCom MVNO with 4G push to talk device from TELOX (formerly as Telo Systems).
The Challenge

As a large supplier of healthcare products, to execute a methodic store management should consider many challenges, including exact positions of product classification, emergency responses, employees’ safety and personnel assignment, etc.
Before utilizing 4G critical communication solution with TELOX (formerly as Telo Systems) push to talk hardware TE590, Bausch Health in Noord-Holland was considering how they can secure safety of employees and boost efficiency simultaneously with a brand-new reliable but cost-effective way to communicate with emergency staff during incidents and evacuations managed from the central security department. These challenges can be solved by an instant and seamless communication among safety staff. Therefore, they switched to mission critical communication solution with 4G ultra-rugged radio.
Telox Solutions
The local mission critical partner PrioCom who supplied the whole solution through their business partner network, and Bausch Health decided to choose TELOX (formerly as Telo Systems) 4G push to talk device TE590 to work with. There are reasons that PrioCom and Bausch Health trusted TELOX (formerly as Telo Systems) TE590.
Industrial design. The 3.5” big screen is extremely easy to use and suitable for frequent communications and operations, while the 4G PTT TE590 can be also operated with wet hands and wearing gloves. On the top of the screen is the LTE antenna and channel knob which are similar designs as traditional radios have so that employees in Bausch Health can use it without unaccustomedness. LTE antenna can activate the sensitivity of networks in case communication is being lagged operations. Channel knob next to the antenna provides conveniences for user to switch channels or groups in order to catch up with the latest instructions. Besides, PTT button at the side edge is another great convenience as communication begins at the press of it, thus Bausch team is able to react in a short time. Flash light and camera on the back of TE590 meets the need of working in store management, while the flash light would be emergency lighting. Moreover, TE590 takes the advantage of IP68 and full-shift battery power features that further ensures long working life, which saves maintenance fee and extra cost.
Multiple functions. The LTE/4G Android based push to talk TE590 delivers a seamless connectivity and full coverage solution among Bausch team, so that employees’ responses are instantly with the constant communication. Multi-applications can be integrated in TE590, such as different browsers, emergency staff apps or platforms, which is highly versatile for users who need to keep their hands free and prefer working with one device throughout day.
Superior compatibility. TELOX (formerly as Telo Systems) push to talk device is highly compatible with PrioCom dispatch platform. After integration, functionalities such as individual call, group call and chat history, etc. would be great advantages to utilize 4G PTT TE590. Emergency response reacts in a moment because TELOX (formerly as Telo Systems) TE590 works as a rugged smart-phone with push to talk radio functions.
The Benefits

After utilizing 4G communication solution, Bausch Health received various benefits. Efficiency improved. Mutual and seamless communications boost work efficiency.

Cost down. Communications in a big team may need massive investments in both hardware and software systems, however, the 4G push to talk communication solution that PrioCom deliver to Bausch team is a cost-effective one. They chose to lower maintenance cost by using TELOX (formerly as Telo Systems) push to talk TE590 with longer working life, multiple functionalities and feasible software dispatch console.

Personnel secured. Constant connectivity and instant response from 4G communications secure employees’ safety. Team mates can give a faster response when emergency happens as they can communicate as the push of the PTT button with LTE/4G networks. “To guide the distribution and safety of employees in the right direction, Bausch has switched to a new communication solution. This ensures that the emergency response team members are guaranteed mutual communication.”. said PrioCom. Bausch Health gained a successful outcome with using this solution.

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