Telo Systems devices have been utilized in various industries. This time is a tunnel construction site where the Telo devices constitutes part of a comprehensive critical communication.
Customer Profile
Telo Systems T580Plus and M5 were deployed on tunneling projects in Norway to guarantee communications during excavation, using the underground coverage provided by TCOMET.
The Challenge
Underground environments can be very complicated with unknown risks and communication barriers in the tunnel may cost unpredictable consequences. Meanwhile, tunnel excavation with heavy machinery equipment can be dangerous without instant and efficient communication system
Telox Solutions
Telo Systems TE580Plus and M5 are compatible with TCOMET’s dedicated tunnel communication system and private LTE network, which deliver a comprehensive solution to the SMS railway tunnel construction. There are reasons why our partner chose TE580Plus and M5 to deploy at the site. The waterproof and dustproof TE580Plus withstands harsh environment so that workers can be care-free when using it at the challenging underground. The dedicated PTT and SOS button secure personnel safety and respond emergency swiftly at the touch of a button. Only a rugged device is far from adequate. TE580Plus with dedicated deployment in the tunnel such as sensors, GPS and networks that make full coverage come true and eliminate communication barriers at the underground. Moreover, the device is highly compatible with the central management platform from TCOMET which is a time-saving and cost saving deployment. Nevertheless, heavy machinery and truck at the construction site need professional vehicular radio, while Telo Systems M5 satisfies the requirement. M5 helps operators focus on the task with professional push to talk functions and accessories as well as loud speaker so that the whole team can communicate instantly and listen clearly. Real-time locations, and mapping with private LTE network, which improve dispatching efficiency and emergency response. Smart solution can’t live without intelligent central management platform. Both TE580Plus and M5 are deployed with a versatile platform to monitor, dispatch, real-time notify, real-time video, and manage talk groups, which deliver a full-scale communication solution to the railway infrastructure team.
The Benefits
The whole solution is able to meet the specific requirements of the tunnel communication systems and management platform that allow phone calls, push to talk with multiple groups, real time location, and managing all the devices used at the construction site, to enable true operational mobility and ensure project control with sustainable productivity. Besides, personnel at site get immediate access to deal with emergency with dedicated channel and personalized alerts. Safety thus placed firmly as top priority, and risk mitigation facilitates tunnel mobile work forces to run tasks smoothly.