To address the increasing external cost and communication gap, Park Inclusive satisfied with the professional TELOX Solutions.
End User Scenario
Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherland
Park Inclusive is a company specialized in providing parking services to travelers at Schiphol Airport. The daily routine for Park Inclusive’s drivers is to park cars for travelers at a terrain of 10 KM away from the Schiphol airport. Once received a parking request, the dispatcher assigns the nearest driver to help the traveler park his car. Later when the car is parked, and being reported by the driver, dispatcher will need to check if the car had been parked at the right location.
The Challenge

However, Park Inclusive confronted some challenges before the implementation of TELOX Solutions. Park Inclusive used to use Tetra traditional radios that connectivity between drive and dispatcher is only dispersed by oral confirmation. There is no location confirmation that the car is parked at the right place.

So, Park Inclusive planned investing additional dispatcher solution with GPS to enhance the communication efficiency. But what the company used was Tetra radio which is only compatible with the cost-prohibitive Tetra dispatch system. To reduce the operational cost, Park Inclusive is looking for compatible devices and affordable dispatch system.

Telox Solutions

TELOX PPT TE390 is a smart and professional PTT that design for different requirements because it features with compact size, high durability, long battery life, crystal clear audio and GPS location.

It is the good voice quality that make the communication easier and clearer. GPS location is quite a compatible application in TE390 which is to unlock the user’s accurate location. However, TELOX is not about to give a professional PTT only. TE390 with TELOX’s compatible and affordable dispatch system is committed to offer the real time collaboration and response, the extended connectivity with exact location thus performed by TELOX Solutions. Besides, the messages and location from user to dispatchers can be transmitted without latency because of the strong available network cellular. The intelligent TELOX TE390 with professional TELOX dispatch system optimize user’s communication efficiency.

The Benefits

Partnering with C4IT who distributes TELOX Solutions to the Netherland market, TELOX Solutions deliver large numbers of benefits to end users, Park Inclusive, for instance. Firstly, TELOX Solutions have a great impact on the Park Inclusive’s productivity because the cost-effective TELOX dispatch system reduce the operational cost.

Secondly, dispatcher in office confirm with the drive only by oral communication no more as whether the car is parked at the right position is displayed by GPS location. In addition, the clear voice occurs when communication starts, drivers can understand demands and commands from dispatcher without failure. Park Inclusive is satisfied with such a quick, time saving, efficient but economic response.