TELOX sharpens BANCO DE LA REPÚBLICA – Colombia’s focus on every aspect of its security operations with offering constant communication and instant response push to talk over cellular solution.
Customer Profile
BANCO DE LA REPÚBLICA - Colombia (BRC) central bank of Colombia, in charge of issuing, managing and controlling the monetary movements of the country, as well as issuing the currency of legal tender, the peso, to migrated its communication system from legacy iDEN systems to Team Talk of Movistar with TELOX (formerly as Telo Systems) push to talk devices-TE580 for all its security operations.
The Challenge
No matter when issuing or managing the monetary movements, BANCO DE LA REPÚBLICA - Colombia (BRC) is putting more forces on its security systems to ensures it can keep up with the changing technology innovations. However, it is the communication equipment itself caused a burden to the bank security team, especially the equipment with an unfriendly weight and size. And, device battery life guarantees working efficiency and productivity, which means if battery is incapable of lasting a full shift can cause troubles. What’s worse, misheard was one of the most fatal failures when executing the task.When control center dispatched cash trucks locally or nationally, it ineluctably confronted a situation that dispatchers at control center lost connections with field personnel whose drove at frequency blind spots. Also, due to the lack of multimedia services in the legacy equipment, GPS locations or GPS tracking were not supported. Not only that, but movement archives were too messy to manage and high maintenance cost depressed the productivity.
Telox Solutions
Central Bank of Colombia chooses TELOX (formerly as Telo Systems) push to talk over cellular (POC) TE580 cater for instant response and systematic management to surmount communication obstacles amongst security department. TELOX TE580 showcases an ideal small size which is less than 205g with rugged device to the end user. IP 67 push to talk TE580 can work at various scenarios such as rainy, wet and dusty weather, dust environment and above the ground. While, the 2.0W power audio guarantees messages are listened and sent accurately right under noisy environment. And, PTT handheld TE580 fundamentally solve the problem of short battery life with the 3600mAh lithium battery. Nevertheless, smart broadband push to talk handheld TE580 integrates voice, data, and video services into one single device. Communication begins only at a touch of the push to talk button. TELOX broadband PTT TE580 supports multiple kinds of networks, such as GSM, 3G, LTE, 4G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, ensuring seamless connectivity and communication under trying network conditions. At the meantime, it is multiple location services which are GPS, GLONASS and AGPS that PTT TE580 satisfy the need of knowing traffic condition and route beforehand. Besides, it is based on the Android 5.1 OS which enables an easy and user-friendly operation.
TELOX TE580 is more than an innovative durable device with push to talk function in which compatible feature highlights its advantages. TE580 supports various network frequencies including four versions with about sixty different frequency bands. In addition, TELOX integrates Team Talk of Movistar dispatch system with handset TE580. With the system, the dispatch console allows the dispatcher to make PTT calls to workers who are in the field directly from a Windows computer equipped with a microphone and a speaker. Dispatchers at control center manage personnel with terminals group by group and call users directly by individual or group calling means. GPS tracking from dispatch system solve problem that solely oral communication cannot realize. The GPS gives you a convenient way to locate workers, make PTT calls to a single person or a group of selected workers, send alerts, determine the status of worker availability or even control who appears on the map.
The Benefits
TELOX push to talk handset TE580 enhance both efficiency and productivity in the security department of BRC. TELOX (formerly as Telo Systems) provides the operational friendly and extended battery life PTT devices, which activates the security team when they carry out a task. With crystal loud audio, messages can spread as what exactly they are so that team will not miss any important instructions from teammate or control center.
Besides, TELOX TE580 with GPS locations and installed TeamTalk Movistar helps the cash truck team connect with the control center seamlessly. “PTT device TE580 is helping to transform mobile communications for state and local government through instant communications that connect multiple agencies and departments to provide services to citizens in an efficient manner.”, review from central bank of Colombia.