The ever-increasing demands of raw minerals, especially coal mines are still the engine of modern industry while safety situations for miners arise increasingly as well. But, with the deployment of push to talk solutions, mining team communicate instantly, constantly and securely.
Customer Profile
DRUMMOND LTD, one of the largest opencast coal mines in Colombia, has contracted the push to talk over cellular service for its critical communication within the coal extraction process.
The Challenge
Mining is complicated. Drastic weather, changing gases level, and hostile underground have great impact on mining operations, coal extraction for instance. Thus, team communication is critical to every step that coal extraction may take. Despite of the complex situation of mining, the challenging noise environment is the biggest culprit for high performing miners. When they in need of guidance and help from supervisors or engineers at the front office, information being misheard is the roadblock of efficient communications. Miners who are used to carry multiple devices while operating faced a problem of device burden that decrease communication efficiency and productivity.
Before utilizing TELOX TE580 handheld radios, coal extraction team from DRUMMOND LTD used legacy radios that cannot support full coverage communication, multimedia service and data archive. What is worse, without shortcut button for SOS or man down, safety situations might arise without quick response. DRUMMOND LTD then deploys TELOX TE580 handheld radios for mining team communication, leveraging multimedia services from rugged push to talk device to keep their employees safe from harm while making the business thrive.
Telox Solutions
TELOX (formerly as Telo Systems) strive to provide the professional team communication that safety enhanced, downtime reduced and operation simplified to coal extraction team from DRUMMOND LTD. First, it is the push to talk device TE580 that change the increasingly serious situation. TELOX TE580 is beyond the boundaries of the legacy radio, allowing instant and constant communication only by a touch of the push to talk button where network connectivity exist. The orange SOS shortcut button on the right side of the device, notification of emergency occurs to team members scatter across the field is just an instant. The 2.0W power crystal clear audio guarantee critical communication is hear by all team members, bypassing urgent or routine conversation in which problem can be discussed one to one or one to group and swiftly resolved. Loud audio only is insufficient for underground and drilling operations, video and photos functions then give team members hopes that situations not matter at front line or office are well known by each other, emergency therefore is transparent. Regarding the hostile environment on site, team meet the need of ultra-rugged handset to ensure operation goes smoothly. TELOX TE580 features IP67, waterproof, drop resistant and dust carefree that totally adapt to the mining environment.
Stream of information is overwhelmed for both mine personnel, supervisors, and technicians. However, TELOX TE580 which owns the great compatibility functionality with the TeamTalk Movistar dispatch systems, the company integrates the system to better access abundant data information leveraging team communication push to talk TE580 in order to create a systematic group communication ecosystem.
The Benefits
“provides a Web-based administration tool that allows the creation or dynamic update of contacts and conversation groups, which are synchronized in devices wirelessly and in real time. All areas of the energy industry can take advantage of Team Talk (supervisors, engineers, operators, technicians and drilling personnel) specifically for hands-free use in harsh outdoor environments and conditions.”, review from DRUMMOND LTD. After utilizing TELOX push to talk, relations between supervisors, mine personnel and central office is far more than each performs its own functions, they stay connected with each other in every second while working. Safety is improved throughout the field. Supervisors communicate with the mine personnel in real-time; mine personnel connect with everyone instantly and stay connect from anywhere with caring TELOX TE580; central office thus optimize existing infrastructure investment by the cost-effective solution. It is a triple-win for the company.