In the world of motorsport, communication is essential to ensure team coordination and performance. Instavox is proud to collaborate with CTF Team, a renowned team participating in the Lamera Cup. Discover how Instavox's advanced communications solutions, including TE320 LTE radios and specific equipment for drivers and technical crew, contribute to CTF Team's success in this demanding competition.
Customer Profile
The Challenge
The Lamera Cup is an automotive endurance competition that tests the technical and strategic skills of racing teams. With races lasting up to 26 hours, communication between drivers, engineers and support staff is crucial to managing pit stops, race strategies and unforeseen events.
Telox Solutions

The TE320 Radio stands out with its robust 3W speaker, ensuring crystal-clear audio even amidst the roaring engines and high-speed chaos.

Equipped with a 4000mAh battery, it guarantees uninterrupted communication throughout extended races, addressing a critical need in a sport where every second counts.

IP67 rating ensures resistance against dust and water, a must-have in the unpredictable environment of racing circuits. Moreover, the dual SIM capability facilitates seamless switching between networks, enhancing connectivity resilience.

With its advanced technologies and capabilities, Telox TE320 enables instant encrypted communications, ensuring rapid tactical adjustments and the immediate transmission of safety-critical information.

The Benefits

Telox provided CTF Team with LTE TE320 radios, ensuring instant and reliable communication for the drivers and technical team.  TE320 enable clear and continuous transmission of information, essential for coordinating racing strategies and reacting quickly to incidents on the track. LTE radios provide extensive coverage and exceptional sound quality, essential for high-level competition.The streamlined design of  TE320 complements its functionality, integrating seamlessly into the high-tech ambiance of modern racing pits. Its simplicity and effectiveness exemplify how technological advancements are shaping the future of motorsport communications.

The collaboration between Telox and CTF Team demonstrates the importance of advanced communication solutions in motorsport. By participating in the Lamera Cup, CTF Team benefits from a competitive advantage thanks to Telox technology, ensuring effective communication, enhanced security and optimized performance.